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Timeline 1930


1939, NEAL LOTT does a slide for life with JIMMIE LYNCH'S show. In 1939 they were brought east for the first time to appear as a special feature of the New York World Fair, where for two years they entertained more than eleven million person. Also JIMMIE LYNCH in a 1938 Dodge.


1935 - 1936 - 1937

The Death Dodgers were organized in 1935 by Jimmie Lynch. The first idea proposed testing automobiles and accessories for manufacturers, but public interest in these exhibitions was great they soon began appearing at public events, fairs and celebrations. During these early years the Death dodgers confined their tours to the middle and far west. With the expansion of harness and auto racing, becoming more popular. Auto races were usually held on holidays during the Summer and harness races during the Grange Fair, which was held annually. Harness racing became more prevalent from the 1920s, until 1935.


"BARNEY" OLDFIELD is the first stuntman to drive a car at 60 miles on a oval track. 1933

Barney Oldfield - Stunt Driver Index


A former gas station attendant, Teter had put together his Hell Drivers in the early 1930s.

Arthur J. Theberge - Stunt Driver Index

Post Profile photo 1944.Arthur
Arthur J. Theberge owned in the 30's. Stunt company traveled around the different parts of the south doing shows. The only safety gear they had was leather boots, leather jackets and leather hats, just like the pilots were in those days. There was a movie "short" made of his stunt company Happy Jack Millers Death Dodgers that was shown in the movies theaters in those days.

We do not know the names of the different drivers who worked for him over the years he owned the Happy Jacks. Was born in Laconia, NH Feb 27, 1901, died Jan 3 1982. He left the south when WWII broke out and signed up ( He also fought in France in WWI when he was 18.) Arthur was very proud of what he and his other stunt drivers did.



Paul Riddel

Paul Riddell


Lucky Teter

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