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Stuntdriver1.com is an Official Index of Past and Present Elite
Auto Hell Drivers, Daredevils and Stunt Drivers for the 21st Century.

We believe that we have listed over 99% of the stunt drivers,
auto hell drivers and daredevil performers.
If you have performed three full seasons or more with an Auto Thrill Show and would like to be added to this list, e-mail: Pete Chance at autothrillshow@uniserve.com


Stunt Driver Performers Index

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"Kansas" Ed Beckley   Karl Haartz   Kay Caldwell   Ken Berkshire   Ken Bulter

Ken Carter   Ken Hurtley   Ken Mackow   Ken May   Kenneth C.Johnson

Kenneth "Crash" Snyder   Kenny Blaine   Kevin Flynn   Kevin Leonard   King Ried

'King' Kovaz   Kris Garwasiuk Fmx   Larry Barr   Larry Holden   Larry McCoy

Larry Rich                

Lester Rodger
 Lim Heck
Lindsey Royce

Louis Tooms   Lucky "Leo" Schultz   Lucky Lott   Lucky Teter   Lucky Thibeault

Lucky Wiggens   Marcel Roy   Marcus Trush   Mark Brasel   Mark Hager

Martin Mallady   Martin Melody   Marty Stepka   Matt Grant   Matt Triplette


Michael Banks

  Micheline (Collette) Riddell   Mickey Hauri   Mike Bushey   Mike Foster

Mike Lynch   Mike Merriweather   Mike Senecal   Mike Warren   Mitchell H. Burney

 Neil Hamilton   Nellie Bird   Olie Anderson   Pat Jackson (Anderson)   Pat "Midnite" O'Brien

Patricia "Pat" Jones   Paul Bovine   Paul Lafort   Paul Mopas   Paul "Pony" Wilson

Paul Riddell   Paul Smith Fmx   Paul V. Rushe   Paul Wagoner   Pete Bailey

Pete Chance (Producer)                

Pete Davis   Pete Groce   Pete Linderman   Peter Young   Petr Svec

Phil Slaggert   Putt Mossman            


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