You have entered the danger zone of professional daredevil Jim Crash Moreau, AKA the MAINE MANIAC who hails from Bangor, Maine.

A veteran of 39 years of performing live action stunts at County and State Fairs and Speedways of the United States and Canada.

Jim's specialty is crashing cars and blowing himself up. When crashing cars he uses everyday stock automobiles with a standard seatbelt and a crash helmet for protection. He uses no roll-bars in most acts. He has demolished over 2,000 cars in his career.

In 1972 Jim learned how to blow himself up with dynamite and walk away from it. In 1980 he learned how to do it in a safer way when he worked for the World Series of Thrills and John Anderson. Jim still performs this act today under his trademark name of Captain Explosion . Today he uses at least a pound of explosives as real dynamite has been resticted by government regulations. A safe act now has become an unsafe act, by these regulations. Jim is only one of a handful of stunt performers who still knows how to use real dynamite.

In 1974 Jim was the first stuntman in the US to perform the Steel Wall Crash, some call the domino crash. Jim learned this act from the originator, The Unbelievable Lessard Brothers of Quebec. Since those first days Jim has been copied by many but still is the only cascadeur that has performed this act over 35 different ways including using a convertible.

Over the years he has performed stunts with new cars in precision driving over low ramps, stunts with motorcycles and snowmobiles, and even a go-kart. On occassions he even dons his clown outfit and is known as Crash O' Dare.

Also in 1974, Jim performed a car roll-over for the movie DEATHRIDERS. Jim was asked to do the stunt completely different from his normal way. As the art of streaking was the thing to do, the director wanted Jim to streak in the movie. So Jim rolled the car with only his crash helmet and cowboy boots on. Some 30 years later Jim is still the only stuntman to crash a car nude.

In the 80's Jim became the 2nd stuntman to literally set himself on fire without a firesuit or fire gel at county fairs after learning the act the year before when he worked with Texan Gary Beall on Bill Siros Thrill-a-rama. A few years later Gary could not make a performance he called Jim up  and asked him to take over the date but he asked Jim to come out of a car that just exploded. Jim learned how to do this new version of being on fire over the Ma Bell network.

Jim is probally one of the most versatile stunt performers in the outdoors business today. He is known by everyone in the business from coast to coast.

A few years ago while performing in Quebec he learned how to do his newest act, The Torpedo Crash which was designed by Greg Riddell of Ontario. Jim has taken this act to a new level, of blowing everything up on impact.

Over the years Jim has been a stunt coordinator for other stunt personnel. He has helped motorcycle jumpers and so called THRILL SHOW Producers to start their shows. But no one can produce the wild stunt shows that he produces for himelf. Many have tried but they are still not up to par for a wild show..

In the 90's Jim designed the last Auto Cannon of the Century for Fransqua Boivan. In 2002 Jim put Wildman Al thru a mobile home, end to end, while he blew everything up in a ball of fire. The following year he had Wildman Al drive a dump truck into a school bus standing straight up on it's rear end. in 2004 Jim designed a ramp so Wildman Al could pilot a Garbage Truck off an 8 foot high ramp and land over 77 feet down range for a Guiness World Record.

Over the years Jim has been very fortunate for only having minor injuries, as he has known many performers who have died or been seriously injured while performing. With only one broken bone in his finger and minor cuts and scrapes, he did  get his worst injury while performing the Sunday night before Memorial Day 2004, in Thompson, Connecticut. He drove a school bus at over 60 mph thru another bus that was placed sideways on the racetrack. When the bus hit, it split the other bus in half, but the steering column came in on him, pinning him between the steering wheel and the back of the seat. Jim didn't receive any broken bones but had internal problems that made him sick all summer. Still he kept on performing, starting two weeks after the mishap. Even today a year and a half later his stomach still hurts.

Jim is 58 years old and the 4th oldest daredevil performing for the number of years being in the business, and the oldest at doing automobile crashes. You will see Jim perform again this summer. Please check out the schedule page for where he will be performing at a location near you.


Copyright 2003 Pierre J. Lachance