The 1999-2000 Toyota Hollywood Stunt Show Team

2000 Team Members Profile: Comming by April 2,2000-, this was the stunt team for 1999.)


This year's Hollywood Stunt Show tour will salute the new millennium with an unparalleled collaboration between two of the world's most skilled stuntmen. Tonny Petersen and Tim Chitwood.

Petersen, the stunt show coordinator, has over four decades of thrill - driving experience, and has been in many movies.

Chitwood, brings over thirty years of experience, which includes over one-hundred motion picture, television, and commercial productions.

Together, this dynamic duo will lead a precision stunt team through a 28-event high-speed repertoire offering over an hour's worth of thrill - packed adventure. The spectacle of speed and sound, spectators are left completely awestuck.

Tonny Petersen, puts the Toyota Camry on it's two wheels as he perform's his hi-skis routine on a crowded speedway. Tim Chitwood at the very same time perform's his hi-ski act, however Chitwood is comming from the opposite direction, driving a Toyota Tundra pick-up truck. The ground generates, an trembles the earth all around, as the sky is lite with inspiring fire and lightning snow. The amazed fans, abruptly realize that the all white, Hollywood Thunder, has created this awesome light and sound, from the extremely powerful, 6000-horsepower, world's fastest street legal jet. This combo of acts together, is a performance that a stuntdriver fan has to see, hear, and feel the excitement of the cluster of people around them, as they watch the Charles Belknap Hollywood Stunt Show.

Professional stuntmen trained to re-create memorable stunts from television and motion picture. Also share the spotlight, with their performances with the Charles Belknap Toyota Hollywood Stunt Show.

There is plenty of bumper-to-bumper car chases, airborne motorcycles and narrow misses, that will kept you on the edge of your seat.

A rubber-screeching reverse spin of an all - new Camry Solara will leave heads spinning while the impact from a flying-dive-bomber crash will cause startled spectators to briefly duck for cover.

Now, the fast paced action really heats up as stuntmen crash through flaming barricades and leap off speeding Toyota's into pools of flaming gasoline. Later, a professional stuntman balances himself a-top a precarious platform and is sent crashing to the ground when the narrow structure is knocked from underneath him by an automobile traveling at breakneck speeds.

This show is well worth the traveling time to attend. The entire show team members, hope you enjoy their acts. If you get a chance try to say hello to them, or wave. They will do the same. Everyone of you stuntdrivers fans missed the Gold Rush, and the Oil Rush, don't miss the Rush to see young and upcoming stuntdriver stars of tomorrow, Today.

See veteran daredevils at their best. Watch the top Clowns in this business.

Even if you have to travel a few hours, you will enjoy one of the best family out door entertainment found any where.

Kept your eye on Guido and Clown, they are always exciting to watch. Chris and Andy, hail from the Empire state of New York.

Guido is also the track boss (Chris Moreno)

A 19 year old star of the future, Jessie Bergman who hails from the state of Iowa, and one of the youngest stunt team member, will thrill everyone as a motorcycle performer. Jessie's acts include; the Board Wall, a long Jump, and will jump over a moving Pick-up Truck.

Chris Moreno does Hell Driving, Auto Bats, Perch, the Slide for Life, and don't be surprised to see him doing a Roll Over act. Also the track boss.

Richard Sanders from the Blue Grass state of Kentucky . Richard perform's Crash Work, Roll Overs, Human Battering Ram and drives the box truck from one show to the next on the 1999 Tour Season.

Dave Fordham A Indiana Hoosier Takes Over For Richard Sanders After A Mid Season Injury. Although he is the newest addition to the team, He thrills everyone with his nail biting Human Battering Ram. He is also A key figure in ramp setup and crash work. Keep An eye Out Dave is One Of Our Future Stars!

Bill Domonick is also from the state of Ohio. Bill does Hell Driving, Crash Work, and the Dive Bomber acts.

Tim Chitwood, performs Hell Driving, and Hi Skis. Although Tim is not at all of the show dates, see show dates where he will appear. Try to see Tim's performance if possible. The extra few miles of your travel time will provide sheer delight to the entire family.

Jason Mackey, hails from the Show Me state of Missouri. Formerly with the Chitwood Auto Thrill Show. Does Hell Driving, Roll Overs, Drives the car for the Perch act, and also drives the car for the Human Battering Ram.

Tonny Petersen, of North Carolina is the Stunt Coordinator for the Toyota Hollywood Stunt Show. Tonny does Hell Driving, Hi Skis, and performs the dangerous Reverse Spin.

Chuck Forester performs the Jet Truck act, and Joe Byrd, drives the truck that transport's the Jet Truck.

Charles Belknap, from Florida is the General Manager and Owner. Charles is leading the Auto Thrill Show industry into the next century, as the Number One Top Producer of Auto Thrill Shows World Wide. Now in his Tenth Year.

The entire Stunt Show members, appreciate your attendance, and hope you enjoyed the show.

Stunt Coordinator Tim Chittwood, Stuntman Dave Fordham, Stunt Coordinator Tonny Petersen

Stuntmen Dave Fordham (On Hood Of Car)And Jason Macky (Driver) Break Through The Fire Boardwall Crash In The Stunt Known As The "Human Battering Ram"

Stuntmen Dave Fordham (On Hood Of Car)And Jason Macky (Driver) Re create The Fire Boardwall Crash In The Stunt Known As The "Human Battering Ram" Durring A Night Performance Toyota Hollywood Stunt Show



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