As we move into the new millennium, Charlie Belknap’s Hollywood Stunt Show, a modern-day stunt spectacular, unchallenged in size, scope, equipment and talent marks 15 consecutive seasons of being North America’s number one and only nationally sponsored automobile thrill show attraction. Performing at America’s premier fairs and speedways, Charlie Belknap's Hollywood Stunt Show is over 70 minutes of absorbing actin, suspense, surprise and hilarity, staged in the same wholesome, family spirit that your parents and grandparents enjoyed and which your children and children’s children will enjoy in years ahead.

As in the past, breathtaking stunts will be under the direction of internationally famous stunt man Tonny Petersen. A native of Copenhagen, Denmark, Petersen is a professional stunt coordinator with over four decades worth of stunt driving experience. Performing along side Petersen in the intricate, highly calculated precision-driving maneuvers would be stunt veteran and crash artist Bill Dominick. You will marvel at the skill and daring of rising stunt star Chris Morena as he recreates awe-inspiring stunts from current award-winning motion pictures and television shoes. Be amazed by the masterfully executed motorcycle maneuvers of a motorcycle daredevil as he explodes through a flaming barrier. Andrew Guerriero, performing in his 12th season with the show, returns once again as America’s most celebrated and recognized automobile thrill show stunt clown “Sparky the Daredevil Clown”. Andrew also serves as Director of Promotions and Publicity for the show as well as being the liaison between the show and its national sponsors.

This all-new production will rekindle “Americana” as it features America’s authentic muscle car, the high performance 260 HP Ford Mustang GT. The show will also showcase the Ford Ranger XLT and F-Series trucks.

The thrill is back once again in this great American tradition with the exhilarating roar of a great American automobile in what is guaranteed to be a “Tournament of thrills.”

Charlie Belknap’s Hollywood Stunt Show once again showcases a fleet of current model Ford cars and trucks in a 70 minute, hihg-energy spectacle of speed and sound for their 15th annual 2004 tour.

Watch in awe as your favorite stuntmen drive a fleet of Fords through a series of memorable stunt re-creations. The action begins with the classic, high-speed, bumper-clicking precision driving routine with 260 HP Mustang GT coupes. Experience car chases that include near mmisses and rubber screeching 180 degree reverse spins. Prepare to be thrilled and amazed as veteran stunt man Tonny Petersen attempts to drive and balance a Ford Ranger XLT pickup truck on two wheels while “Sparky the Daredevil Clown” attempts a balancing act while perched on the side of the truck.

Don’t miss the legendary stunt of all time, the human battering ram, as daredevil crashes through a flaming barrier while being mounted on the hood of a speeding automobile. The action heats up even more as a motorcycle rider soars through a burning barricade and another daredevil leaps from the rear bumper of a speeding Ford Mustang GT into a pool of flaming gasoline.

Skill and daring are held in balance as veteran crash artist’s snap roll automobiles. You’ll be on the edge of your seat for the fitting finale, as stuntmen smash, crash and demolish automobiles in the high-flying “Hollywood Dive-Bomber Crash.”

The thrill is back once again in this great American tradition with the exhilarating roar of a great automobile in what is guaranteed to be a “Tournament of Thrills.”



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