Buddy Boyce


 Buddy Boyce stunt driver:

"We suspect Buddy Boyce  played in the movie "To Please A Lady" with Clark Gable, which can be purchased from online from one of the top book stores. An MGM movie. Will sent you an mail to where to buy it. later.Curry, Fleenor, Snooks and Foster was in the movie also. Hickman was on the MGM staff. From the picture of your dad, the car was painted with Death Drivers to enter into a cash derby, sponsored by Chitwood. About 30 cars were painted with names, instead of numbers for these events in 1959, 60 and 61. To promote larger crowds. We also suspect Buddy was paid under the name of Bill Hickman, who made a number of movies. or was a close friend of Hickman, so he could get paid. Buddy must have had close friends with-in the movie industry to get these stunt scene's . Rather than work with the major auto thrill shows like Kochman, Swensen and ect. He did movie parts with Chitwood in CA, and Indianapolis 500 speedway, in Indiana. Also movie companies did not give movie credits to the real names. Some paid cash without a SS# number or name."

Pictured at right: Buddy standing next to his stunt cars at around 20 years of age.
Photo courtesy of Georgina Beryl Boyce-Farfan.



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