Bobby Chance


Bobby Chance is from Ottawa, Canada. In the thrill show since 1963. Former race car driver, has nerves of steel - happy when crashing cars in the death-defying T-Bone crash, a one point landing after a 40 foot leap through space in one of the most dangerous stunts to be execute. Bobby was an all around performer, He loved balancing on two wheels as far as possible down the track, takes a car with balance built in years of practice, has performed every stunt in the Auto Stunt World. He is one of the greatest precision drivers in the world who can drive a car on two wheels further than any driver in the Thrill Show World. He has appeared in many motion pictures, and other T.V. productions. A Motorcycle Crash artist, just loves FIREWALL CRASHES, Retired for stunts, Now runs the Auto Daredevil and Hell Driver Schools based in Canada and U.S.A. Chief Mecanic for Jack Kochman productions based in Fort Lauderdale on Dixie Hwy
in Florida.


Copyright 2003 Pierre J. Lachance