Bill Reed
"Wild Bill" Reed



The General Manager and one of the star performers of the International Auto Daredevils is a big, friendly Kansan, "Wild Bill" Reed. Bill spent his boyhood in Paola and after finishing high school he attended Pittsburg, Kansas college where he starred in Football, Basketball and Baseball. In the late 1930's he joined the Kansas City Pla-Mors of the American Hockey League and remained in professional Hockey until 1941. World War II found Bill in the Navy and upon discharge in 1946 he became associated with the late Jimmy Lynch Death Dodgers. He's been in the thrill show game ever since.

Two of the most dangerous stunts on the program are attempted by "Wild Bill". These are the famed reverse spin of the 1962 Dodge Dart and the ramp-to-ramp jump. For this one Bill uses an open top Dodge convertible and attempts to hurtle his car some 70 feet through space from ramp to ramp. It's the same stunt that killed the originator, Earl "Lucky" Teter, who lost his life attempting the leap at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in 1942.

Bill is a Family man and likes to talk about his five children who reside with his wife, Joan, in Cuyahoga falls, Ohio, a suberb of Akron. He says the best time of the year for him is when he is with the children, however, his year-round thrill show work keeps him on the go a big part of the time.

Bill is an avid golfer (he shoots in the seventies) and occasionally manages to squeeze in a game despite his hectic schedule.

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