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Court rejects lawyer's bid to save dangerous pit bull from euthanasia

Court rejects lawyer's bid to save dangerous pit bull from euthanasiaA legal bid to save a pit bull-type dog from euthanasia after it attacked six people, including four children, in Montreal last August has been rejected. Lawyer Anne-France Goldwater argued in court last week the section of a municipal bylaw declaring a dog must be euthanized once declared dangerous contravenes provincial animal welfare legislation.

Liberals deny second committee request to investigate political interference

Liberals deny second committee request to investigate political interferenceOTTAWA — Opposition parties have failed to convince the Liberals to let the House of Commons ethics committee probe further into allegations of political interference in the criminal prosecution of Quebec engineering and construction firm SNC-Lavalin.The Liberal majority on the committee voted down a motion backed by Conservatives and New Democrats that would have seen former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould and former Treasury Board president Jane Philpott testify about the controversy."The coverup continues," Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre said after the meeting ended.Wilson-Raybould told the justice House of Commons justice committee last month that she was pressured by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his senior advisers and senior ad visors to the finance minister, to overrule the decision by the director of public prosecutions not to negotiate a remediation agreement with SNC-Lavalin rather than proceed to a criminal trial on fraud charges.She believes she was shuffled out of justice in January because she wouldn't change her mind.Trudeau has denied anything improper occurred but has been unable to change the channel from the saga that has badly hurt his public image. He said the whole thing boils down to a breakdown in trust between him, his aides and Wilson-Raybould.During the almost two-hour-long meeting Tuesday, Conservatives and New Democrats urged their Liberal colleagues to put partisan issues aside and agree to have the ethics committee take on the probe after the Liberals ended the justice committee's investigation last week.Liberal MP Nathaniel Ermine-Smith, who voted in favour of an NDP motion in February to hold a public inquiry on the matter, said at the ethics committee Tuesday a new probe may only result in relitigating what has already been said at the unless the two former cabinet ministers were granted wider waivers to testify on the issue.Trudeau has not indicated any willingness to do that saying the waivers were already unprecedented and allowed for the facts relevant to the matter at hand to be made public.The justice committee heard from 10 witnesses over five meetings but opposition parties say Wilson-Raybould named 11 people who she felt crossed the line and all of them should be asked to testify. Only two of those people were among the witnesses the justice committee did hear from.Trudeau faced renewed questions about the controversy during a morning event in Winnipeg where he was trying to promote his government's budget introduced one week ago. He would not, however, say whether he rejected Wilson-Raybould's 2017 recommendation for chief justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.Sources told The Canadian Press that Trudeau turned down Wilson-Raybould's recommendation that Glenn Joyal be elevated from chief justice of Manitoba’s Court of Queen’s Bench to chief justice of the Supreme Court over Joyal's views on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.Shortly after Trudeau told Wilson-Raybould he did not support her choice, the sources said Joyal withdrew his name from consideration.In a statement Monday, Joyal said he submitted an application for consideration for the Supreme Court in 2017, only to be forced to withdraw his name for personal reasons related to his wife's health.Instead, Trudeau appointed Sheila Martin to the high court and named Richard Wagner as chief justice. Former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper appointed Wagner to the high court.Trudeau said Tuesday he would not discuss the matter nor would he say whether his office was involved in the leak of what is usually a highly confidential appointments process.Trudeau said it is the prime minister's choice of who to nominate for the Supreme Court, as well as for chief justice, and that Canadians can and should continue to have faith in their judicial system.Speaking at the ethics committee meeting, Kent said the breach of a highly confidential judicial appointment process would warrant a parliamentary investigation on its own. He also said the story could compromise the integrity of the appointment process, and possibly some sitting justices.The Canadian Press

P.E.I. election speculation mounts as Liberals plan 'special announcement'

P.E.I. election speculation mounts as Liberals plan 'special announcement'CHARLOTTETOWN — P.E.I.'s governing Liberals are planning a "special announcement" tonight, amid mounting speculation of a spring election on the Island.The party issued an advisory this afternoon saying the announcement would come during a candidate nomination meeting at a Charlottetown hotel.Premier Wade MacLauchlan doesn't have to take voters to the polls until Oct. 7 under the province's fixed-date election provisions, but there have been indications the Liberals want to go early in an effort not to overlap with the federal election this fall.Despite a booming economy, polls suggest the Liberal party is likely facing a rough ride, with the Green party seen as a legitimate contender for power.A Corporate Research Associates poll released this month suggests the Greens had a healthy lead, followed by the Progressive Conservatives, who picked a new leader, Dennis King, in February.The Liberals were in third place, the poll suggests.The Island has only ever been governed by the Liberals or Tories.Green Leader Peter Bevan-Baker became the first party member elected to the legislature in 2015, and he has worked to build the Green brand, mainly by challenging the notion that the party is devoted to nothing more than environmental activism.The party snagged a second seat when Hannah Bell, the 48-year-old head of a businesswomen's association in Charlottetown, won a 2017 byelection.The Liberals have been in power since 2007, and there are signs MacLauchlan — a longtime academic who began his political career in 2015 as premier — is personally unpopular.The last time a minority government was elected in P.E.I. was 1890.Whenever it comes, the P.E.I. election will also include a binding referendum on electoral reform — asking voters if they wish to stay with the current first-past-the-post system or change to a mixed-member-proportional-representation model.The Canadian Press

Independent probe sought in heavy-handed ticketing attempt by Montreal subway inspectors

Independent probe sought in heavy-handed ticketing attempt by Montreal subway inspectorsMONTREAL — A civil rights group is adding its voice to calls for an independent inquiry into the heavy-handed ticketing attempt by inspectors of a Montreal subway user who failed to pay his fare.Juliano Gray met with reporters today for the first time since the March 7 incident at a west-end metro station.In a now widely-circulated video, the 21-year-old is seen being pummelled with batons by subway inspectors on the platform as they struggle to restrain him.Gray narrowly avoids striking his head against an oncoming train.He admits he didn't have a valid ticket and was playing with a soccer ball on the subway, but he says didn't deserve the repeated strikes that have left him diagnosed with post-traumatic stress and cost him his job as a dishwasher.The Centre for Research-Action on Race Relations is calling for a probe, following up calls last week by opposition city councillors and community activists who described the incident as an excessive use of force.The Montreal Transit Corp. has said its investigation into the incident is complete and proper enforcement procedures were followed.The Canadian Press

Former Afghanistan hostage Boyle made frantic 911 call about wife, court hears

Former Afghanistan hostage Boyle made frantic 911 call about wife, court hearsOTTAWA — Former Afghanistan hostage Joshua Boyle made a frantic, late-night 911 call in December 2017 to say his wife Caitlan Coleman had run screaming from their Ottawa apartment, threatening to kill herself.An audio recording of the call, which resulted in a prompt visit from police, was played today at Boyle's assault trial in Ontario court.The call triggered an investigation that led to Boyle's arrest just two months after Pakistani forces freed the couple from an overseas hostage-taking.Boyle, 35, is charged with offences including assault, sexual assault, unlawful confinement and causing someone to take a noxious substance.Coleman is the alleged victim in 17 of 19 counts, but a publication ban prevents the second alleged victim from being named publicly.Boyle has pleaded not guilty to all charges.The Canadian Press

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